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"I have learned fundamental and sophisticated skills for listening to myself and others in my work with Patience. Our work together has expanded my capacity to be honest, see more clearly what are my motivations, and discover solutions that arise naturally in listening. Patience brilliantly holds the context of full acceptance of what is so and faith that solutions to life’s dilemmas are as close as the willingness to listen deeply and skillfully."

"Patience has assisted me to understand myself and others. Her insights are strong, full of depth, always effective in increasing my understanding of myself, others, and my relationships."

"Patience has an extraordinary ability to listen and translate for you what your own deepest wisdom reveals. Through this understanding, I was able to participate in the process of evolving my self-healing abilities. She teaches her clients to use the same listening techniques she uses, enabling me to become more and more capable of decoding communications, not only my own, but of my family, friends, and colleagues. Patience’s practice is gently and truly transformative and I would recommend her to anyone suffering stress, confusions of the mind or body, or feelings of disconnection from their own highest good."

"Patience is a state of mind. To work with Patience, one develops the capacity to remember, recognize, and respond to oneself in a loving way. From within this state, self revelation becomes the directing presence of one's destiny."

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